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Spiritual Atmosphere of the Home

How many of you have encountered days in your dwelling when the ‘mood’ or spirit of the home was dark or heavy? There may or may not be any explanation it seems. Everyone just seems to be on edge, or maybe ‘blue’ or sad; down. Spiritual conversation is hard, or feels empty, lifeless. It's not the usual bright joyful place you intend, and which the Lord wants. It’s not the spiritual bounty of abiding in Christ.

Maybe you’ve seen this in the “Lord’s house”. His dwelling is His gathered saints; the assembly. If you’re involved in ministry, when trying to share the Word, or lead others in worship - sometimes there can be an atmosphere of oppression, heaviness, that impedes the engagement of God’s people. At times it can be palpable. It's like an atmosphere of dampness after a heavy rain which makes striking a match pointless, because the kindling and wood you’ve arranged is not going to ignite. Sailors on true ‘sailing vessels’ used to call it the ‘doldrums’ when there wasn't a wisp of air movement. The wind was not blowing, the ship wasn’t moving. The face of the deep was dark and ominous.

Or, you may experience an agitated atmosphere: spiritual movement is sensibly opposed, like some heavy wet blanket is draped on every believer…weighing you down and hampering your thoughts and efforts. Your words come back to you with yawning ambiguity, powerlessness. They are not cutting the conscience of your hearers. Few are engaged and you yourself are struggling to feel the reality of your teaching.

This is spiritual oppression.

It happens; frequently, but doesn’t have to end this way.

Each believer in the dwelling can:

  • check their heart, and make sure there is no unconfessed / unrepentant sin

  • Make sure they have no bitterness or hatred harbored toward anyone else (this gives the enemy a beach head from which to operate in your life, and to drag down others. (2 Cor 2:10-11, Eph 4:11)

  • Past offenses have been made right (Mattew 18) and that you’ve “cleared the air” between you and others - whether you view yourself as the offended party, or the offender. (This is not a contest about whose offense is bigger. (Matt 18:23-35)

  • Speak to yourselves in Psalms and Hymns and spiritual songs - you, believer, can shatter the darkness of any place by being “light” in the Lord. (Eph 5:19, 1 Thess 5:5)

  • Continue in an attitude of prayer, asking Holy Spirit to guide you in prayer and your interaction with others, at times speaking blessings and peace quietly on others, even under your breath but verbally.

Those in Spiritual Authority can:

  • Examine yourself for pride and repent of it. A prideful spirit will quench the activity of the Holy Spirit.

  • Plead the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant - of the Lord Jesus Christ over the place, and everyone in it… Rebuking spirits of oppression and uncleanness. Rebuke any other spirit which the Lord reveals is present. You may need to pause, in quietness, (maybe on your knees in silence) and wait for the Lord to reveal anything else. (Phil 3:15)

  • Bless and Praise the Lord - this shatters demonic oppression because they hate the Name of our Lord Jesus, they cannot stand in His presence, and He comes to inhabit our praises. Try just reading Eph 1:3-9 aloud, and asking the believers present to audibly Bless and praise the Name of God for His Sovereign Grace.

  • Then speak peace and blessings upon everyone present, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The benedictions are not limited to when the assembly is parting. Hebrews 13:20-21

  • If a Pastor / Elder - have the fellow ministers join you this prayer of agreement.

  • If a Husband, begin praying yourself, and then ask your wife to join you in this prayer of agreement.

  • If a Wife, ask your husband to lead in this prayer of agreement. Unless your husband is unconverted he should lead in this. If you regard him as backslidden, you should nonetheless appeal to him first (1 Peter 3) with a genuine attitude of love and submission. Not feigned submission, anger, blame, or haughtiness. There is actually a demon “Haughtiness” which may be contributing to the heaviness/discord, if the authority structure of the home is out of order.

May our spirits be prepared for and catch a fresh wind of The Spirit.

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