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Sudden Sovereign Spirit

They purposed to bring down the righteous land,

For oft it stood against the godless bands

It even dared to say God owned it’s cause

And leaned in simple trust on their Sovereign’s Laws

This humble grasp on faith and truth repulsed

The Lying Lords, who hatefully convulsed

And in their darkened genius hatched a scheme

A Coup d‘etat to expand their dark regime

Since Goodness is their strength we must seduce

To vilest passion, pleasure, adults and youth

Accost with gambling, vice and drug abuse

Thereby reduce their sense to light and truth

We shall not fire a shot across their shores

Yet bring them down as quick by moral war

We’ll flood their homes with dark images of light

That steal the fathers, leaving orphans in the night

We’ll set forth cultured liars who can spin

To replace the statesmen elders of the land

Asleep, the folks will vote for who will send

The largest grift, and programs without end

Through our drug of violence their youth will do harm

Till every house and hamlet they’ll disarm

Next, breed intolerance for anyone with faith

The last stronghold - Convictions, we’ll call ‘Hate’

No society, old or new withstood this scheme

But dissolved while in its hedonistic dream

No longer “brave” through personal piety

Now broke by sin, No longer “home of the free”

So leperous numbness deadened the national nerve

But a wakeful remnant, in prayer, clutched 2 words:

“But God” they read had intervened before

Where sin abounded, Grace abounded more

They prayed into the night in Jesus’ Name

And The Redeemer to His temple suddenly came !!

Dark Providences, unsought, came from His rod

As when, with whip, He cleansed the House of God

Tears of sorrow, cleansing, peace and love

Now grew into a flame sent from above

A mighty blazing army now burst forth

And split the night with flaming two edged swords

From Heaven gospel fire fell ‘cross the land

And set the millions free from Satan’s hand

Freed by faith in Jesus cleansing blood

Their hearts made white beneath the crimson flood

The nation now awash in Saving Grace

The devilish coup was quenched without a trace

What wicked hearts intended for our demise

The God of our Fathers used to us Revive !

Let tyrants, kings, and every man be warned

The God who from the dust did thee form

Will call thee soon to account your deeds and words

Be not cast into the pit with the Lying Lords.

Copyright 2010

R. Baker Hughes

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